Feel like a queen in your remodeled bathroom

A bathroom is more essential to our individual routines than we often realize.  They provide a private space for us to concentrate on just one thing at a time, contrary to the multitasking fast pace of the world today.  A bathroom should be an escape for homeowners, but that isn’t the case if the look is ugly and outdated.  We’ve all seen those faded color tiling or mansion wannabe trends come and go out of style, but if that’s what your room sounds like then it’s definitely time for a well-needed makeover.  

Our local plumbing team has the designs, fixtures, and skill to turn your kitchen or bathroom into a room fit for a queen or king.  At Queencity Helicoptercorp we put our neighbors and customers first with a dedicated team led by an experienced master plumber.  From the beginning stages or blueprint and inspection work, to the end with details and cleanup you can lean on our team to deliver easy & efficient appointments at a fair price. Don’t let busy holiday plans get in the way of squeezing in your pre-winter house or building maintenance; it’s a sure-fire way of making sure you’ll never build up minor problems that turn into major ones.

Queencity Helicoptercorp Bathroom Remodel does all residential and commercial jobs in your local area such as water heater repairs, toilet replacements, shower installation, sewer or drain cleaning, and so much more.  Our plumber team has a combined experience of more than twenty five years satisfying customer jobs of all sizes, big and small.  The staff is always updated on the latest techniques and technology available that can get rid of the guesswork in riskier tasks, such as sewage line repairing or backflow inspections.  With our wide range of tools and fixtures like snake cams or hydro jetting, we can take care of diagnosing and treating plumbing issues that once required invasive methods on your home or building.

When it comes to picking out sinks, tile, tubs, shower heads, and more for your remodeling project, it’s important to remember to pick quality products.  Buying everything at the store and trying to go rogue by D.I.Y.-ing is time-consuming and often doesn’t save you much money in the long run.  At Queencity Helicoptercorp Bathroom Remodel, our warehouse is guaranteed to take all the reviewing process out of the way for you.  Because our personal name is on the line when we install items from our available stock such as faucets, we make sure to pick ones that will stand up against the test of time.  

If you’ve put off finding local plumbers because of high costs, then you have nothing to fear when you give our offices a call at Queencity Helicoptercorp Bathroom Remodel.  Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can easily schedule a same-day repair appointment or inspection.  Every budget can afford to hire us because of our simple financing plans and repeat customer package deals.  And when you request, we always offer free quotes.  Stop by today.